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With over two decades of experience in social entrepreneurship, nonprofit & for-profit management, and the incubation and launching of dozens of successful brand aligned impact projects, Robbie has seen it all - and is ready to lead you on the path to success.

Robbie hand-picks, oversees and directs the collective of SAGE Advisors and SAGE Partner relationships. 

Robbie also serves as the CEO for GVNG and the Managing Director of Good is Everywhere.

And he has has served as the Chief Philanthropy Advisor for The Giving Back Fund,

the Vice President of Premier Philanthropy for the Jewish Federation, and has had the privilege of leading philanthropic endeavors for prestigious nonprofit and for-profit organizations such as Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Gruss Foundation.

Robbie  sits on numerous boards, is a sought after teacher and speaker, and is passionate about helping families and brands express their deepest values through meaningful impact-driven initiatives and purposeful philanthropy.

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