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Baruch Littman

Vice President, Development

Jewish Community Foundation

Robbie is an incredibly bright and insightful person. Once you've worked with him you know you have been touched by someone special. In our meetings both of us clicked and within a day. Not many advisors truly understand what we do and the value add we bring to clients. Robbie gets it!


Sheri Barros

Global Strategic Sports Alliance

American Cancer Society

Robbie is an absolute pleasure to work with. His leadership, vision, and ability to drive effective partnerships at the highest level are matched only by his genuine desire to change the world through the power of marketing and philanthropy. Robbie is a masterful relationship builder and communicator. His work has helped the American Cancer Society raise significant funds to save more lives.


Joe Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Jewish Federation of London

Robbie is an incredible development professional who demonstrated a deep understanding of our challenges and opportunities. I had the pleasure of working closely with him and appreciated his thoughtfulness and holistic approach. Among the many professionals I have worked with Robbie stands out as a model relationship builder and takes his time to appropriately cultivate donors to do what is right for the organization and donor both - short and long term. I am honored to work with such a committed professional and couldn't recommend him enough to do him justice.


Jane Willoughby, PHD

Vice President & Director of Education

Director of Research & Development, CIJE

I would highly recommend Robbie Tombosky in the field of general management and consulting. Robbie was our strategic advisor for two years on an innovative STEM educational initiative. I found Robbie to be highly knowledgeable, professional, well networked, and innovative. He had tremendous insight regarding the development and support of an infrastructure to support a new board. Finally, I found him to be an excellent colleague and a positive force for corporate development and change.


Meyer Greenbaum

Founder & CEO

Cutting Edge Health Care

Robbie is the consummate professional. He has a profound grasp of an area of specialty that is extremely niche, yet highly complex. Engaging with him brought immediate clarity to a challenge we needed to address and we were provided with the expertly articulated and actionable guidance that we were looking for. I cannot recommend his partnership highly enough!

Milkin Institue.png

Yvette Edidin

Innovative Finance Lab

Milkin Insititue

Robbie is a strategic thinker and excellent communicator. He is also great at building relationships and matching the interests of philanthropists and advisors with the needs of an organization.


Gissou Nia

Strategy Director


It was my absolute pleasure to work with Robbie on an initiative concerning child sexual abuse prevention. He demonstrated a keen sense for organizational strategy and kept the many different moving parts of the project, which was on an accelerated timeline, on strategy and on course. He brought a deep network of social good contacts and excellent partnership building skills to the table and our team was all the better for it. The issue area we were working on was quite emotionally wrenching and not always easy to calmly digest and Robbie navigated it all with a sense of gravity and levity that kept the team motivated and focused on our end goals. If you are looking for someone to steer you in the early stages of a startup/nonprofit/venture Robbie comes highly recommended.


Michael Laskow

Founder & CEO

Robbie and I have worked together on a number of projects, and he is one of the most intuitive, insightful, and visionary business people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. His ability to find the root of the problem and create a fruitful solution is on par with what you would expect from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Robbie's incredible network of other business people with wide ranging backgrounds and skill sets make him a highly valuable "hub" at the center of a wheel that exceeds expectations. There are talkers and there are doers. Robbie is a man who gets things done. I cannot recommend him highly enough!


Rachel Grose, MBA

Executive Director


My experience working with Robbie was exceptional. He is loyal and dedicated and wants you to succeed. His positive attitude is backed up by his significant knowledge base. He is excellent at training teams and willingly imparts his knowledge to the group. I highly recommend Robbie to anyone looking for help with fundraising and/or fundraising strategy.


Jordan Lurie

Of Counsel, Capstone Law APC

Board Member, YULA 

As a member of the Board of Directors YULA and Co-Chair of the Development Committee, I worked closely with Robbie for over a year, as he helped create a development plan and direct our organization's strategic process. He is diligent, accessible, thorough, and above all, a fine person with the highest moral values and integrity.


Aaron Lundberg

President & CEO

Praesidium, Inc

It was a genuine pleasure to work with Robbie to create a vision and strategic plan. Robbie has an amazing ability to listen, collaborate and understand complex problems and break them down into strategic and actionable next steps. He works in a truly collaborative manner and takes his time to understand the unique needs of his clients. I would highly recommend Robbie for strategic consulting.


Reba Hoechler

Senior Foundation Manager

The Giving Back Fund

Robbie is a valued coach, teacher, and teammate. His guidance and wise counsel are matched only by his genuine interest in helping others. He is simultaneously grounded in reality while perpetually hopeful and driven. He is strategic in the development of organizations with an inspiring generosity and sense of humor. I hope to work with him again.

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