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Inflection Points: Rearview Mirrors & The Road Ahead

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Has your organization reached a healthy point of inflection?

Is it time to once again begin the process of re-envisioning and re-imagining how to leverage current successes and achievements towards even greater success and achievement?

If so, be careful not to fall into the trap of believing that simply doubling down on past successes is always the best strategy forward; like the old cliché saying goes, "just cut your losers and let your winners ride!"

You have acquired a deep reservoir of organizational experience, coupled with a staff of highly seasoned experts, and may be temped to simply mine your data, cut your losers, and establish your future endeavors on the backs of your greatest achievements.

But first ask yourself the following question:

What is your purpose?

How does that purpose translate into the current and ever changing landscape?

What new and disruptive technologies and platforms are addressing the same issues?

Is what got you to this place the same activity necessary to springboard you forward?

Or is your vision too narrow; based only on your perspective of past experience?

An inflection point is the time to allow yourself to ask the hard questions. To be open to the perspective of others in, and beyond, your service area. To see what coming down the road,not only what is visible in the rearview mirror.

Once you refocus, reaffirm and recommit to the WHY of your organization and understand the landscape and terrain ahead - you will truly be ready to fully invest in the HOW of your next phase of growth.

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